What to Expect from Your Puppy or Kittens First Exam

Puppy or Kittens First Exam

After bringing a new puppy or kitten home, ensure they are off to a healthy start by taking them in for their first exam. At Animal Health Center of Land O’ Lakes serving Land O' Lakes, FL, our vets will help ensure that your furry friends get the best care for a lifetime of health and happiness. Here is what to expect from their first wellness exam.

Physical Examination

A veterinarian on our team will give your puppy or kitten a head-to-tail physical examination. We may check their weight, temperature, ears, eyes, mouth, and heart. We may also feel their abdomen to check for any abnormalities.

We may also check your pet's coat and skin to look for parasites like fleas or ticks. A veterinarian on our team may have your pet take a little walk to examine their gait and joints.


Puppies and kittens need vaccinations to protect them from diseases by building their immunity. We will develop a vaccination schedule based on their age, health, and lifestyle. We may also recommend certain vaccines based on the area you live in. We may vaccinate your pet against diseases like rabies.


Depending on your pet's age and risk factors, we may also recommend some diagnostic tests, such as a fecal test or heartworm test. These tests help our veterinarians to diagnose health problems your pet may have. The tests will help to identify any infections and viruses that require attention.

Preventive Care

We may also discuss preventive care options such as parasite prevention and nutrition. Our team can guide you on issues like the best food for your pets, bathing products, and how to keep parasites at bay. If you're worried about accidents that may happen in your home, we can also offer tips on pet-proofing your home.

Schedule Your Pet’s First Exam

Give your puppies and kittens the care they need to start off their lives well. Bring them to us at Animal Health Center of Land O' Lakes serving Land O’ Lakes, FL, for their first wellness exam, and our team will help ensure they're on the path to a lifetime of good health. Call us at (813) 996-3800 to get started.

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