Importance of Pet Microchipping

Pet Microchipping

When you adopt a pet, one of your primary concerns is that he is safe. Taking your pet to the veterinarian for annual visits is the first step. You also need to make sure that your pet is always up to date on his vaccines. Finally, if you want your pet to be safe, you should consider having him microchipped.

When you have your pet microchipped, the veterinarian will inject a tiny microchip between the animal's shoulder blades. The chip is so small that it can be inserted using a syringe. The chip will contain information that can be scanned and located in a national database. If necessary, the chip can be scanned at a veterinary hospital or a shelter. Microchipping is a service provided by Animal Health Center of Land O’ Lakes There are several benefits of having your pet microchipped.

Microchipping Makes It Easier to Find a Lost Pet

If your pet finds his way out the door and runs away, it can be terrifying. You won't know where your pet is, and if someone finds him, that person may not know that you are the owner if he is missing his collar. If you have your pet microchipped, he can be taken to a veterinarian or an animal shelter to have the chip scanned. This will make it possible for you to reunite with your pet quickly.

Proof Your Pet Was Stolen

Unfortunately, there are people out there who will steal a pet. If your pet is stolen, you should go to the police. However, if you don't have proof that you are the animal's rightful owner, there isn't much that the police can do to help. If you have your pet microchipped, the police can take the animal to have the microchip scanned, proving that you are the pet's owner.

Peace of Mind

The best reason to have your pet microchipped is for the peace of mind that the chip provides. If your pet accidentally gets out of the house, you will feel better knowing that your pet is microchipped, and whoever finds him will be able to contact you. You can't put a price tag on peace of mind.

Pet Microchipping in Land O’ Lakes, FL

If you are thinking about having your pet microchipped, schedule an appointment with Animal Health Center Land O’ Lakes. One of our veterinarians will insert a microchip into your pet, which will be no more painful than his annual vaccinations. Call us today at (813) 996-3800 to schedule an appointment.

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