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Our staff at Animal Health Center of Land O' Lakes – AVG in Land O'Lakes, FL, is ready to help all pet owners with services like pet wellness exams. If any medications are needed, our veterinarian will prescribe them to be picked up at our pet pharmacy. 

The real time-saver, though, is our in-house laboratory. Instead of having to send blood samples and other samples to another place, we can just test them at our own office. That way, we can get you the results much faster so that we can begin treatment as soon as possible if it's needed. 



We know that your bringing in your cat or dog means time is being taken out of your already busy day. That is why our in-house lab is here. It will save time and keep you from having to make any unnecessary trips back and forth. We just take the necessary blood or other type of sample and bring it to the lab. The results will be much faster. 


Are you worried that your pet might have parasites? We can find that out with our lab. Our skilled staff will look at blood smears, check your pet's blood cell count, or even search for eggs in any fecal matter. 


Since the samples are taken and looked at immediately, it reduces the chance of anything changing due to the samples having to sit for a while when being transported to another lab.  We will interpret those results and figure out the best course of action to get your pet feeling well again. 

You will find that in-house testing is less expensive than our shipping the samples off to another laboratory. There may be some times that we do that, though, depending on the test that is needed. You can be sure that we will discuss everything about the testing that will need to be done before sending anything anywhere. 

We have every bit of confidence that our staff will do an excellent job each and every time. Then we will get your pet feeling happy and healthy again. 

Are you a resident of Land O'Lakes, FL, and need to go to an animal hospital to have your pet seen?

Come to the Animal Health Center of Land O' Lakes – AVG, and our veterinarian will treat your pet for whatever issue it is having. 


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