Microchipping & Identification

People lose dogs and cats every day, and it can be tragic, especially if they are loved by children. Fortunately, modern technology brings us a simple and elegant solution to missing pets in the form of pet microchipping. At the Animal Health Center of Land O' Lakes, FL, our team has inserted pet microchips for many years. 


The Advantages of Pet Microchipping

Pet microchipping has saved many animals and will save many more. Here are a few of the reasons why. 

Painless Implantation

Implantation will be done using a local anesthetic and inserted using a tiny pinhole insertion. It will be secure and placed where it will not bother or harm the animal.  

The Chip will Never Need to be Replaced

With no moving parts, completely protected by glass and by the animal's fat, skin, and fur, there is nothing to ever interfere with the physical integrity of the chip. 

Peace of Mind

You can rest in the assurance that if your dog or cat should wander, you will be able to easily locate and track them down using a paired device. 

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Be sure to speak with a veterinarian at the Land O' Lakes animal hospital to learn more, and see how simple and affordable keeping your pet safe can be.


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